Permanent Cosmetics And Makeup Anesthetic

As a permanent cosmetics technician, your top priority is making sure your clients have a pleasant experience in your clinic, from the initial consultation to the last touch-up appointment. Happy customers mean repeat business and hopefully referrals, so it is important to do everything possible to ensure your clients are comfortable throughout the entire process.

Permanent Cosmetics procedures are invasive and potentially painful, so providing clients with effective topical anesthesia before, during and after their treatments will make a huge difference in their overall perception of the experience!

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics and provide a large selection of the most powerful over-the-counter topical anesthetics available anywhere. We carry a variety of quality anesthesia that can be used for pain relief before, during and after permanent cosmetics procedures. These numbing creams and gels are also extremely effective for other purposes, including traditional tattoos, laser treatments, Botox, Restalyne, Dermagin, tweeing, waxing, electrolysis and much more!

Magic Anesthesia, our best-selling topical anesthetic, was developed by Susan Church and is sold exclusively through IIPC and This revolutionary topical numbing gel is useful before, during and after procedures and is most effective when applied to broken skin. Magic Anesthetic also helps to control swelling, making your procedures run smoothly and efficiently. This product was given its name by technicians in the industry because of its “magic” abilities to make procedures virtually pain-free! Magic is a clear gel composed of 4% Lidocaine, 2% Tetracaine and .02% Epinephrine, so it stays where it is applied and won’t run on the skin. This skin numbing gel can be used for any type of permanent makeup procedure, including eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, areola, needling and corrective pigment camouflage. Because of its versatility and high potentcy, Magic Anesthesia has quickly gained a reputation among Permanent Cosmetics professionals as the most effective topical anesthetic on the market. Magic is sold in 1oz. bottles.

Numit Anesthetic is an incredibly versatile numbing liquid that can be used for pain relief in every permanent cosmetic procedure. This product is another favorite of Susan Church and the IIPC professionals because of its convenient liquid form. Ms. Church’s personal favorite way to use Numit is to add a few drops of the anesthetic to the pigment she is using. Since this numbing liquid is for mid-procedure use and is therefore most effective when applied to broken skin, adding it to the pigment gives your patients the highest level of comfort imaginable. Each 15cc bottle contains 5% Benzocaine, 2% Lidocaine, and 2% Tetracaine.

ULTRAcaine White Anesthetic is a very effective numbing gel that can be used for any permanent cosmetics procedure EXCEPT eyeliner. This product provides great versatility as it appropriate for pre-procedure, mid-procedure and post-procedure use. Just apply this potent cream 15-30 minutes prior to the first needle pass, and reapply as needed throughout the procedure. Each 17gram jar contains 3% Benzocaine, 2% Lidocaine and 2% Tetracaine and will yield 30+ applications. Give your patients the comfort and pain-free procedures they deserve with ULTRAcaine White numbing gel! Remember to KEEP THIS PRODUCT OUT OF THE EYES!

Numquick Pink is the best topical anesthetic for lip procedures! This incredible anesthesia cream provides pain relief wherever it is applied, but remember to KEEP THIS PRODUCT OUT OF THE EYES! Its powerful numbing capabilities come from a composition of 3% Lidocaine crème and 2% Tetracaine, and as a cream it is extremely to apply the product exactly where you need it. You will get incredible value with Numquick Pink topical anesthetic – each 15gram container yields 15 or more applications! Try Numquick Pink today to get the most from your topical anesthesia. TAG #45 is a clear topical anesthetic gel that provides superior pain relief for clients during Permanent Cosmetics procedures. The product is to be applied on broken skin for quick and effective penetration and numbing, and serves the additional purpose of controlling swelling. Using TAG #45 skin numbing gel for your clients will allow them to have a pleasant, comfortable experience with permanent makeup. Containing 4% Lidocaine and Epinephrine, each 1oz. bottle of TAG #45 clear gel is powerful and works fast.

Betacaine Anesthesia is one of the strongest and most effective topical anesthetics you can give to your clients. For best results, cleanse the area with alcohol then apply Betacaine to the skin 15 to 30 minutes prior to the procedure. This product can be used for any permanent cosmetics procedure EXCEPT EYELINER, including eyebrows, lips, areola repigmentation, corrective pigment camouflage, needling and more! This product is available in either a 10gram tube or 30gram tube and is a favorite of technicians all over!

DotC Blue is a topical anesthetic cream for quick and power client pain relief. Ideal for permanent cosmetics procedures, this skin numbing cream stays exactly where it is applied and will not run on the skin, making it easy to keep DotC Blue out of the eyes. This topical anesthesia can be used as a pre-deadener prior to the procedure and also throughout the procedure as it is very effective when applied to broken skin. Every 15gram jar of DotC Blue contains 3% Lidocaine and 2% Tetracaine and will provide pain relief for 15 or more procedure!

LMx5 will reduce swelling, suppress bleeding and, of course, eliminate pain for your permanent cosmetics clients! This topical anesthetic is for use 15-30 minutes before the procedure begins, so you can offer it for sale to your clients so they can apply it at home before coming into the clinic! LMx5 topical anesthesia is extremely effective when used for pain relief during any type of chemical or facial peel, but be sure not to use it for eyeliner procedures as it is harmful to the eyes. LMx5 is an incredible bargain too – each 30gram tube yields 29+ applications! This product gets its high potency from 5% Lidocaine. To accommodate your needs, you can buy either a 15gram tube or a 30gram tube!

IIPC and has a powerful topical anesthetic for all of your needs! Don’t forget, these gels, creams and liquids can be used for other purposes too! Try them for traditional tattoos, facial peels, Botox or Restalyne, electrolysis and even waxing! Keep your clients smiling and pain-free with our extensive line of topicals and anesthetics!